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Plasma Pen

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Pretty in Gloss

The Plasma Pen technology, a highly effective treatment for erasing lines, saggy skin, tightening jowels and upper and lower eyelids... Plasmapen will take years off your appearance... naturally! With no injections or toxins, this completely rejuvenating technology boosts natural collagen growth and resurfaces skin and elasticity. In addition, scar removal, stretch marks, moles, skin tags and more!

Natural & Fresh 

The foundation that will leave you feeling bright, beautiful and smooth.

More Self Love.
Your Health, Your
Confidence, Our Bliss

Radiant Beauty and Wellness offers a full line of therapeutic services.

**We now specialize in the newest PLASMAPEN technology for your skin care needs.

We Hear
       Your Love

I was so happy to find Linda. She fit me in the same day I text her, on a Friday!  The massage was the best I have ever had. She targeted the right spots and I left feeling relaxed and stress free. If you are looking for a well trained, personable, high quality masseuse, then come see Linda.

Dr. K

I was fortunate enough to have found Linda to help relieve chronic shoulder and neck pain. I have an autoimmune disease that causes crippling muscle pain that I've walked around with for years and I finally found someone who can heal me. After several sessions, I can walk around without feeling any tension or pain! My sleep has improved and she recommended to use her CBD oil daily for my problem areas as needed which really is a life saver. Linda is extremely talented and passionate about her work and the proof is in my results! Thanks so much Linda!

Nicole B.

Linda is a great massage therapist. I went to see her when I came down with severe pain in my left shoulder. I had very limited range of motion and could barely even use my left arm. I did not know that I was developing frozen shoulder. After only four massage sessions I have experienced great relief and I can now use my left arm and even raise it above my head. I am so lucky to have found Linda and I am very thankful for her care. I highly recommend her!

Gary P.

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