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Radiant Beauty & Wellness

​Enter our oasis, and feel the positive and healing energy that awaits you. 

The beautifully scented aromatherapy

in the relaxing waiting area will soothe and calm your spirit preparing you to receive an array of our many healing, regenerative, and beautifying treatments. With our contemporary Asian inspired decor you will feel as if you’ve been transported to another world.


Our highly trained and professional staff exude a warmth and nurturing that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere, which attests to our

5 star ratings and loyal guest list. We take pride

in being the best and we are committed to delivering only the best in service and quality.


Our state of the art techniques in all of our individual services provide you with the most up to date procedures offering you the best results possible.


Our approach is holistic. We believe mind, body and spirit work in synchronistic alignment for optimal well-being and we strive to assist every guest to attain their highest state of well-being and balance.


From our vast array of anti-aging services, pain management and body work, acupuncture, beauty treatments and skincare, bask in the comfort of knowing your utmost satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.

After 23 years of a very successful career in massage and bodywork, Linda has expanded her practice to include other naturopathic healing modalities and beauty services. Radiant Beauty and Wellness was proudly launched in May 2018 in Newport Beach, California (formerly Touch of Paradise Massage and Ammalinda Healing Center).

Linda knew from a very young age that she had a gift of healing. People were always drawn to her uplifting energy and tranquil spirit. She has a way of soothing you just by being in her presence. Over 2 decades ago, Linda decided to put this gift into practice and has created Radiant Beauty and Wellness.

As evidenced by her 5 star rating on Yelp, Linda’s success rate with clients is admirable. She has the ability, by her highly intuitive nature, to know where and how to release and remove tension and create a space for the body to self heal. She also is extremely gifted in getting to the REAL root cause of the issue, be it sleeping patterns, postural imbalances or years old injury. This makes it possible to not only relieve the current pain and discomfort, but to retrain the body (and the client) to break the patterns that were causing the problem. In addition, you can get valuable input on things to do at home to assist between sessions to get you back on track FAST, maintain your balance and propel you to your optimal level of wellbeing.

Linda is available for home visits, but DO come and experience the bliss of Radiant Beauty and Wellness! This Oasis will take you to another world .....if only for an hour or two or three.... From the finely scented rooms, to the soothing music and Asian inspired decor, this is a treat to be savored!

It is with great love and appreciation that Linda may be part of your path to ultimate wellbeing and optimal beauty, inside and out!

Mind, body and spirit work in synchronistic alignment for optimal

well-being and balance

Power of Health

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